Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
I never should have been so mean to you

I AM SORRY AND I HATE MYSELF!!!! I was so stupid as to let you go, and I never should have been so mean to you, especially now, because I realize that I have said that I hate you, and that I completely ignore you and give you horrific glares in class, but if I told you that I do love you, it would kill me, because I know you would reject me, like the last times. I've already died twice because of you, and I don't need to again. I wish you could feel some of the pain that I feel, but you can't, and I doubt you eever will. It kills me to know, that I will never be able to have you again, and when I did have you, I was the happiest person on earth. I'm sorry, and I wish you could know, but there's no turning back, it's over, done, my hope is lost forever, and so are your feelings for me that used to be so much.


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