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So sad you'll never know this and you'll never read this

I'm sorry it didn't work out. So senseless, as I am so in love with you. The thoughts of you still make my stomach turn upside down.

All this worthless time already passed, when we should have been together. No reason besides stupidity and arrogance
that got in the way.

You have no idea what I felt for you. You have no idea
what I still feel for you. My fault because I should have
showed you what I felt instead of pushing you away. But, yet, I keep telling myself to forget you, but thoughts of you won't fade. I don't need anyone in my life, but for some reason, I want you to be by my side.

You are the one. I love you. So sad you'll never know this and you'll never read this, too bad you'll never
know that this was meant for you. I love you. Somehow.

I can honestly tell you that noone I have ever experienced has caused me to feel this way. That's why I know "the one," is "you."

This life is full of happiness but when you can't have the one you belong with, it's filled with emptiness. That is why I pushed you away, because I was too arrogant to realize
everything I ever wanted, was right there.

Good luck to you, because I can guarantee that anyone you come across, won't appreciate the real you like I do. Noone
will love you like I do.

Too bad you'll never know my feelings were not meant as "playing you," but truely, just a disguise so
you wouldn't realize what I felt for you. How stupid?


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