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I never cheated....and I'm sorry you think otherwise....

I'm sorry baby, I know I've failed you in so many ways. Being too outrageous and driving you crazy, driving you mad every other day... I'm sorry you think that I was unfaithful, even though you're the only one who ever runs through my mind.

When I close my eyes, all I can see is you. You can call me crazy for still wanting you so desperately that it rends me apart, but your the one thing that still holds these tattered pieces together, this thing called my heart.

I am sorry that I'm so jealous all the time, and so defensive, trying to hurt you when ever I get the chance, so ignorantly and so foolishly trying to bring you down with the ship.

As you said...Maybe one day I WILL be the girl you once fell in love with, but until then, all I can say is that I am sorry, my love. I have wronged you.

I would rather live in this misery than live without you in my life and I'm sorry that I'm still so attached....I'm sorry that I miss you, and how we used to be, all the time, it never ceases to plague my mind....

You're all that I ever wanted, and I'm sorry that I'm the one that ruined US completely.

I always meant it when I said, I love you.

I'm sorry that "sorry" means nothing when it has been said a million times and more, but if you could look in my eyes, you would believe that I'm so sorry for everything that I've put you through....Maybe one day I will be able to make it up to you with all the love and respect that I have for you, the hugs and kisses I want to give you so damn badly....The love I want to prove that I have for you....

I never cheated....and I'm sorry you think otherwise....


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