Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
pain from the heart can go on for every and never go alway

To someone who I hurt real bad long ago
(cheating on her)
There only about two things in my life that I regret. The main one is hurting someone who i didnt care for. To later on when I learn just
how much i did care for her.

Saying sorry can be one of the most harders things someone can ever do in there life. I know how hard it is the fear that come from it.
But at the same time it can be the only thing that can set u free. But even now I still cant over come the fear in side of me
and i fight it every day trying .

This is my story.

I'm sorry for everything that i have done to u. i never tried to even understand u or ur feelings or even get to know u I was real childless .
In a way I only seen u as a "sex toy". And when a better toy came along I cheated on u. And u even had it in u to
forgave me for what I have done. But the side in me that knew damn right what I have done knew if I was to go back I will have just done it
again. I had to live on with my life trying to understand life and finding out a few things for my self. Over the years i have talk to many ppl
and i find that boys has done the same thing to them that I have done to u. But I ask just how many of them are sorry about it and there not many.
Most will go back and do it a again.

"One cant know just how much he care about someone to they are no longer there"
I'm sure u all have seen something like that and I know its true. In a way I knew I had to face that saying and it was the only thing that turn me
and made me more wiser I still do call myself a kid as there still many things out there that I don't know yet.

But what make me even more made is that I never did say sorry. But i did carry the blame of it with
me for many years there not many days that want by that
I didn't think of some way to say sorry or think of u in some type of way. The dreams that I did have was more of me just being with u or by u.
The funny thing is they was the only dreams that I did remember every part of them.
I'm sure everyone is thinking this is a lie. Boys are all the same they don't think like this i have seen a few girls think this way to.
But it is for real it is ture.

there was one day u was crying at night with ur mom i was some what a sleep and i never even asked u why u was
crying .... but now i do want to know just what made u cry ? was it me ? if so im sorry for that to

We all can change for the good or the bad. I dont know if I change for the good but I hope so. I hope that the feelings I had over the years had
show me the light and i believe they did.

im sure many ppl want to beat me up for what i have done but i will say this getting beated up only hurts for a few days or a bit
longer but pain from the heart can go on for every and never go alway.

One can only learn from his mistake and I have learn a lot from this one mistake and i hope no other has to go down this same road as me
I will now say it im sorry for everything that i have done to u and i hope u can still find it in u to for gave me for what i have done to u.
I hope that one day i can make it all up to u.

I do miss her a lot and hope she will gave me one more try to redeem my self.

PS) she did read it and we are trying right now to get back together


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