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You think I am such a loser

You think I am such a loser. You wanted me to be perfect and with me knowing that, I became something that I wasn't (or tried anyways). Instead of being me, I tried to think of everything in advance and of course I failed and of course everything came out wrong. I never in this life encountered anyone such as you.

I can't break the silence but it's breaking me. You had your ego, I had my pride. Regardless of my denying efforts, I fell in love with you and I don't think I will ever fall in love again. You are everything in my dreams that I ever wanted.

I never revealed this to you. But the very first day I spoke to you, I remember waking up that morning, thinking to myself of how I needed to change my life. Never did I know you were the change, nor, the change in disguise that I ran off. My regrets towards you have eaten me away along with other things. My heart went out to a stranger and that stranger will always remain a stranger only because he won't give me another try to realize I am his every dream.

I can't make you try for me, but I can tell you from the deepest within me, I love you and you will remain a part of me for this life.

I wish you the best, all the happiness in this world and I hope just one day you'll look back and have some good sense of a perception of me and maybe just a wonder if I was the one. I'm not the loser you think...


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