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she found songs to show her love for me

I have been with this girl for what feels like 2yrs+ but is like since before christmas, i lost her trust and i lost the best thing in my life, she was kind to me, she found songs to show her love for me, i mean that is showing me enough love, yet i asked her time and time again to say it, i screwed up when i had doubts in her, she is the only girl for me, yet i go and ruin it by not appreciating how much she showed me love.
my only word is sorry and if you see this emma, good luck in the future and theres guys out there who wouldnt ruin things the way i did i love you angel always have since we met whaever happened. I would hope this aint a goodbye but its entirely upto you. i messed up so its ur choice now ur chance to get me back n hurt me which is what i deserve or give it 1 more go.


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