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he didnt let any of the nurses put a IV in me

My ex hated me for something i did, as i was walking down the street with him (we were still dating) these guys where walking by me and one just gave my a kiss in front of my own boyfriend!! i was so stunded i didnt i didnt do anything when he stopped he said that he loved what i did to "help him" last night just loud enough for my boyfriend to hear and then walked away laughing! Ive never seen that guy in my life! i tried telling him that but he didnt believe me! so i went 10 months feeling sorry for myeslf, i was a vetable, my friends finally got me to a party and my ex was there and just as i was leaving that guy who kissed me showed up. i went up to him and started screaming at him and what he did to me ruined me and that i didnt even know him, i finally just punched him and it felt so good that i attacked him, i felt someone lift me up and carry me outside i was crying so badly i could see, when the someone set me down i fainted i woke up in the hospital 2 days later and looked over and saw my ez he heard everything i said and finally believed me, he came over to me and said im so sorry and that he was an idiot not to trust me, he kissed me and crawled into my little bed with me and we fell asleep. apparetly he didnt let any of the nurses put a IV in me because he knew i hated them and me and him have been going out for 3 years now!


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