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i need to earn my trust back

I was going out with this guy since he was 13 and i was 15 then when i turned 17 this other guy that was bad news started paying more attention to me then my guy was. after 3 months of hard decision making i decided to break up with my long life lover and go out with the one who noticed me..well i didnt think things were going to turn out so horribly. the new guy became very jelous of everyone he became controlling and violent i was trapped in my own home for 10 months that seemed like for ever.. my friends and my family were seeing things going on that i was blinded of i didnt notice things were so bad..finally had enough strenght to break it off ( on his birthday)..and after a few months i hooked up with this other guy i didnt really know him that well..he wasnt anything to me..well after that my lover since we were young(the first one), came to my moms house with my brother and we talked and got back to gether..well were doing great right now but he brings up everything i did to him really greatful im back with him we under stand each other and i dont see my self with anyone else..and i know it takes time to get over something like that and i m readdy to spend therest of my life making it up to him and waiting for him to open up to me...i need to earn my trust back....


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