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I gave him one very good crack in the ribs and nose.

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who was beaten very harshly by her father, she had yet to trust men again.
It took me years to talk about what my father had done to me. All the blood cuts and briuses took years to heal but the scars will forever remain.
Starting my freshman year in high school I dated a couple of losers, (boys and girls) but couldn't quite get my self to feel safe with (boys). Then I met him. Like the fairy tale he was tall,hansom but not so dark with the most inviting smile. Some how he cracked me. He got me talkin about my father, then when I broke down he just held me there until I could manage. Then every day since then I crave his presence.
My doctor diagnosed me with Manic Depression and Anxiety. Which eplains every thing. These problems can cost me the love of my life forever, I will be dead inside if I can't fix this.
It's been five years since he first saved my heart and collected my tears and just recentally my sickness has got the best of me and I relize it.
The night started out like a fantasy, with candles and oils but no love making becuase I ruined that part. What is it he said? I couldn't figure it out but he said a phrase to me that my father used to say to my mother before the drugs, and a suppressed memory hit me, I could have sworn my love turned into my father causing me to abuse him. I gave him one very good crack in the ribs and nose. I didn't even relize what I was doing until the love of my life grabbed me and held me so close and tight to his chest that his sent made me come back. We both just laid in bed and me, well I cried the whole time.
We both decided it would be best for me to move away so here I am, with a geogous engagement ring all alone but with a couple of roomates. But I'm sure you know what I mean by alone.
I wish with all my might and pray to every God, that some day we will be together again and I gain my sanity, I attend counceling and support groups, I do everything to make myself happy, I just need him so much.

To the love of my life, you said you'd be waiting, you tell me that every night on the phone. And now I'm ready to say I'm sorry for the pain I inflicted on you that one romantic night, I was just as ruthless as my father I could have done better, but now that is all I am, I am better, even if you eccept my appology, I will still remain here to continue my treatment, but I am ready for you when I kiss your inviting smile once again.
I love you.


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