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I just wish we could all still be friends

in middle school life was great! i had an awesome group of friends, we were all complelty different. when you saw us you saw the dacer, the cheerleader, the girly girl, the badass, the shy one, the band geek, and the loud obnoxious chic. No one expected us to be friends. We did everything together, we were sisters. The middle of my eighth grade year things at home started to get bad. parents were fighting. and it didnt help that everyone in our group was having problems around that time, we fought all the time. It was a full blown out war. But when we entered Highschool. things changed for a while. Then they went right back to the WAR! and in the end we stopped talking everyone went their seperate ways and we all ended up doing the things we never expected. and i just want to say i'm sorry. i'm sorry our dreams will never come true. i'm sorry i wasnt there for you. i'm sorry for everything that happened then. I just wish we could all still be friends.


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