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you weren't the one that is luckiest enough to spend the rest of his life with me.


You know I am sorry. I am sorry to waste so much of my precious time on you. I knew I would do anything for you and I still would. But, I would do anything for anyone. I'm poor, not rich and it's only to my own fault. I can have everything you have if I choose to because of myself.

I thought I fell for you. I thought you were the best man in this world. I still think highly of you; I think you are nothing short of "the best," but I was trying to trick myself into thinking you were "Best," for me. You are one in a million, and I still feel deeply for you. You're everything I thought I wanted in a man, but since time has passed, I realized, you were my "dream man," who came true. For that, I will always be happy for. But life is not all about a dream, it's reality. You're not reality and you are someone who is looking for something who is "Perfect." I thought I fell in love with you, because you are like "no other," I have ever encountered. You are the one I thought I was searching for my whole life. You have every quality I was hoping to find in a man, with the exception of only one thing...

I think about you all the time, wonder about you, wonder why things went wrong. You were and still are my "dream man," who caught me soooooooooooo off guard. But now, after realizing and wasting soooo much time, you weren't really my dream guy. You're the dream guy everyone wants, but you're

I can have any man I want. I have met a few descent guys. I have a heart of gold, I'm not the typical woman. You know it and other men know it.

The past few days made me realize I was trying to convince myself that I was in love with you. I love you
and would do anything for you, but to be in love with you and consider spending the rest of my life with you. In all reality, if you'd asked me to marry you, I wouldn't been
able to do it. I was trying to trick myself into thinking
the man who I thought was soooooooooo "perfect," is in fact
pefect, but still, not good enough for me.

Oh, you are a dream. The "chemistry," we had which has never felt before, was completely off the charts (your exact agreed upon description). I acted like a fool, I acted desperate, I acted like a psycho, I acted like something I never acted before. Because, never in my life, has any man affected me like you and why I acted the way I did.... who knows????

You are definitely a great catch. But, I tried to fool myself into thinking that you were the one for me. You're not. Although you have very good qualities, you don't have enough of the good qualities to deserve "me." I've come to realize this. To this day, you are the only one thus far, to "knock me off my feet." I am nothing special, but I know what I bring into a relationship, (which now-a-days is rare)...I know who I am, and what I will do. I tried to fool myself into thinking that "Mr. Perfect," was the one I wanted. It's not because you wouldn't give me the fourth "Trial," it's because you were a "challenge." You were "my dream guy," but in all reality, I've realized now, that you weren't the "perfect man in this real world." Don't get me wrong, I think you are one in a million, but how I am, and who I am, makes me realize, I deserve better. There is some reason, why men come so attached me so quickly. Not one man, not two, but the majority of men I have encountered. There is one man now I am thinking of settling with. He is by far, not the "perfect, ideal man," I always desired. Yet, however, this guy is real with real feelings and now I find myself falling for a man who has all the successess, qualities and my attentionall wrapped up into one, without all the complications you and I had. If needed to compare---in the dream world, YOU are number one, but in the world of having a guy with the qualities I wish to find and at the same, time knows "reality," you can't compare. He's in the same profession, doesn't have a jet like you, nor the finances, but he has the heart and the acception of today's world. Maybe, you just thought I wasn't good enough?

I am so happy now. You will hold a very special place in my hear til' the day I die, but the thing is you were a "fairy tale gone awry," and as much as I tried to convince myself, you are "Not as perfect," as I was hoping you'd be.

To the day I die, I can guarantee Richard, that you were
the man I always wanted to find. You are one hell of a catch. However, if you were to knock on my door right now, I would turn you away. I want and deserve the "Real and true," things this life has to offer. You are looking for something different. You are one great guy, but I think I have found the match who carries everything I want, but yet,
it's all reality.

You take care of yourself. I will always wonder of you, but I am sorry I let too much pass because I hoped with you. You are a dream man, but you don't have all the qualities I deserve. I am engaged now, with a dream guy
who is a part of this reality. He is so not perfect, he gets on my nerves left and right, but he has everything I wanted in a man, and more and he is "Real," and I love him.

I an sorry that I have spent so much time giving you so much of my energy. I am sorry that to this day, I still get
butterflies thinking of you. I am sorry that I treated the one man who loves me so cruely, only because I was thinking of you. I am sorry, that I lived in an "unrealistic fantasy,"with a man who is so "Perfect," in an "untrue world." I am only sorry, because I cheated only "myself."

You know who this is and I know you read these. I have read your messages. I would do anything for you, but, I only hope the best for you. To the day I die, I will do anything for you, but I will never be with you only because I no longer want you. In this life I realized, I deserve the best, and no matter how great and wonderful I think you are, you're still not the "Best one for me." But, I do hope that one day you find the one woman who makes you happy and brings you what you want and deserve. I am very happy now and even though I will always wonder about you, I will always know that you weren't the one that is luckiest enough to spend the rest of his life with me.



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