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I was so cold, cruel and mean to you

I was such a child, I knew nothing about life, all I knew was that I didn't accepted myself for who I was, and the fact that you did drove me crazy; you were so great, caring, tolerant and sweet with me, even though I was cold distant and hostile with you. I was so scared, I made myself believe that what we had meant nothing even though it meant everything, and I left you for no reason really, because that's the truth. All I cared about were my feelings, it never occurred to me that you may have feelings too. Despite all that you were the bigger, and definetly the smarter person and kept giving me new chances, just to have me treat you like dirt; I was so cold, cruel and mean to you, and it just kills me that you've forgiven me a long time ago, because I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself, I guess we're right back to where we started.


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