Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
live in your jaded little world with your stupid little ego

I know all about your fake profiles.

I know what you are really about. What a fool I was to fall for some jerk who thought so low of me. Do you feel like more of a man to stalk me on the internet and make fake profiles full of insults? At your old age, can you not find anything better to do with your time than think of me? It proves time and time again, that I am in your thoughts. For you to go through the effort of creating all the fake profiles. If you didn't care for me you wouldn't be so hurt of me turning away from you. You blew me away. I think I fell in love, but now I'm glad I see how you really are. Things happen for a reason. You can insult me all you want. But the truth is, I wouldn't have turned away if you were good enough. You're the loser. You can have all your millions and you still can't make a poor girl happy. Get over it and get over your ego trip. You're attractive, but if it wasn't for that jet, I wouldn't have looked twice. Remember, you're getting up there in age. You better flash that money just a little more because your looks and your weight are obvious to your age. Your profession was also another asset that would have been handy. I fell like an idiot and I'm glad I walked away when I did. I admit, I did like you, but I didn't like how you were. I tried to think you were descent but could see you loved yourself more than anyone else.

Please stop making more of a fool of yourself than you already have. I no longer feel for you as every day you prove more that I made a good decision. You are the loser. You can take your jet, your millions and live in your jaded little world with your stupid little ego. You don't have me and that makes you the biggest loser in this world. Don't flatter yourself, I am not on the site for you. I have met several since and I can tell you they have a lot more than you including class and a tool to satisfy a woman. Which, you REALLY DO NOT HAVE, which really made it easy to walk. Take care love and get over it. Yes, a poor girl dumped you. But as you know this poor girl is the one god spent extra time on and you love me and you know it. But, get over me. You've proven to me that you're nothing I should ever felt anything for. My ex of three years was a nightmare, yet he still is better than you.


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