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he is the half that makes me whole.

This is my story I have known this guy who has been in love with me for seven years I never gave him the time of day back then. Then as luck would have he came back into my life five months ago. We started dating and soon fell in love. Our relationship was everything that it should be. We got engaged and had every intention of a marriage we had a date and everything. Then I made a stupid mistake. Someone that I thought that I had loved from a long time ago came back into my life. I got confused and scared and kissed this guy. It was the biggest mistake of my life. Of course as soon as did it I told my fiance about what had happened. He told me that he could forgive me and move past it. As the weeks went on he decided that he could not forget or forgive it he said that he needed time. I understand that it is just hard. I want him to know that was the biggest mistake of my life and if he can find it in his heart to forgive me and allow us to one day continue our relationship I will never break his trust again. I no longer talk to that guy even though he is very much in love with me and know I am single. I could go and date him but then that would show that I was happy about what I did and that I really wanted that guy which is not true at all. The only person that I want is the one that I can not have. I hope one day that he will understand how sorry I truly am. If he can every find it in his heart to forgive me I will be right here waiting because I found the man that makes me truly happy it just took me to long to realize it. I love him and I always will he is the half that makes me whole. They always say that you do not know what you have until it is gone and that is very true.


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