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I have no idea where you are now,but this is my apology for leaving you.

Till this day i still remember the day i met you.My friend introduced us and we startind going out.We grew to love eachother so much until i left you.I moved to another place so far away that i couldn't remember you.Two years passed by,without a letter or phone call.Until i moved back to where you were.You changed and so did i.We were older and more mature.I would see you every few days.We never talked about our past together,but you could see it in my eyes that i still loved you,but you never said anything,and then you moved away,and so did i.Maybe to never see eachother again we never said good-bye.Three years has gone by and i still wonder if you think of me every once in a while,and i dont know whats wrong but i cant stop thinking of you these past three months,repeating in my head"what would of happened if we stayed" After all thats happened,barely remembering your face or voice,i swear that i would of stayed with you till the end.I have no idea where you are now,but this is my apology for leaving you.


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