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Your mistake is your attractive arrogance

I tried so hard to explain my side so many times and I can't try anymore. I feel in love with you which I never thought
could happen. It broke me and at first it was uninvited because of my stupidity and stubborness, but I can't continue trying to tell a man I love how sorry I am.

I'm sorry for the games, the nonsense, but I can't keep trying anymore. Everyone else adores me, the good and bad. You were too arrogant to see. Now, I've given up and settling for 2nd, while you're still alone. I may be settling but you're the one that holds "me." I think about you all the time, but when only you stand out, it's not me who is the one who has lost. I may love you and think about you, but, maybe one day you're stubborness will fade and it may hit you of what you lost. You're great in many ways, but when you're too arrogant to be human, then it's you who has the guards way too high and maybe you will be the one
who is alone.

I could have given you the world because I am the
one God spent extra time on. I am sad because I think I am in love with you and you wouldn't hear me, so now I'm with
second best. But, yet I am more sad for you, because you know as well as I, your money won't find you true love. You felt it with me as I did with you. I made several mistakes
and tried to explain. Your mistake is your attractive
arrogance. I love you but you'll never know. So, I'll
forget it and fill the void of you. How wrong I am now doesn't matter, but at least I knew that one time in this life I had the experience, or thought I had.

Good luck to you and I hope one day your arrogance somewhat fades and you realize you loved me to.


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