Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
This pain won't go away. I love you... I always will

baby... I'm sorry for the way things have turned out. You used to be so into me and I was so comofortable in our own little world. I could come to you for everything and you could do the same with me.

I got too attached and i realize that now... I was being so selfish by not letting you go out for a night with your friends without me getting jealous or giving a guilt trip. I just realize that I was making myself unhappy, and making you unhappy, too.

I'd give anything in this world to do it over again. Words can't even describe how much I mean that. I want you to forgive me and come back to me because while I was trying to pull you in closer, I pushed you away.

And I'm sorry. I want things to be right. I can't go on without you any longer. This pain won't go away. I love you... I always will.


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