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I'm Sorry for Dumping Them

well this is how it goes these people moved in to the nabour hood i was living in 4 my hole life there was 3 guys and 1 girl which turned out to be my best friend then one of the guys asked me out he was 13 and im 12 so i went out whith him bad mistake but then on the day afte r he asked me out i dumped him cause i realised i dident really like him then hes younger brother asked me out about a week later hes 12 to so i whent out whith him i whent out whith him 4 about a month then i dumped him cause it dident really seem like he was going out with me

so i continued my life then about an year later i asked the 13 year old guy for another chance cause i was sorry 4 him........hes nurdy anyways he still liked me an we whent out but the a couple weeks later i dumped him i never really liked him but i whanted to give him a chance hes ugly he cant find a girl himself

then the other brother thats 12 that i whent out whith ask me out i said aslong has it seems like we r going out he said ya sure so we went out and now im still going out whith him.


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