Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
I went off at her calling her names

I Loved this girl
with all my heart, i would have died for her
Then one day i found out she never wanted to even be my friend she lied to me , used me, played me for the fool i am
so i bascially lost it.
I went off at her calling her names, telling her she'd made some powerful enemies and even my friends went off at her.
I now regret what i have said to her, they were horrible words
words that should not have been said under any circumstance
I Am truly sorry
I was a horrible person
and if there's anyone that should deserve what happened to you
it's me.
I would much rather be with you even if you're using me lying to me or whatever
Than not be with you .. not be able to converse with you not be able to witness your incredible smile, your maginificent personality.
I'm Sorry
And I Still love you xxx


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