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i wish he stops for a second and reads this msg

there was this one boy, everyone said we were prefect for eachother even him but i didnt let myself love him. i held back on any feelings i had for him and i never let him get close to me emotionally or physically. i always gave him a hard time coz i was scared i would get attched to him and heil end up hurting me. he treated me lik a princess somtimes and the only way i repayed him was by showin no emotions back. i ended up losing him becoz of my stupidity, bt it was onli den wen i relised what i really felt for him, i missed him when he wasnt there and i missed him when he was by my side. til this day i regret not telling him my feelings or openin up to him. we dont talk anymore but instead he stares right through me as if nothing ever happened between us. if he ever comes across this website den i wish he stps for a second and reads this msg and finds it in his heart to forgive me


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