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i would give every ounce of blood in my body to do it over again

omg... where do i begin? I know i was so wrong, and baby i am nothing without you... kyle, i just want you to know that if you ever came back i would... treat you like the amazing soul you are. im sorry that i was so mean, and rotten, it was just that, no matter how pathetic this sounds, its true, i was so inlove with you, and i was so afraid.. so afraid to let you into my heart. you dont understand, i loved you so much that i knew it would've killed me, and i love you enough still to say honestly that losing you, baby, is still killing me. i am so sorry of how i made you feel, how many times i made you feel like you were nothing of the man you really are, and i would give my life, and i would give every ounce of blood in my body to do it over again and to do it right. I know things can never be the same, and i know you probably will never forgive me, and i know that i don't deserve that second chance, so i won't even ask for it, i just want you to forgive me... i just want you to understand how much you mean to me.
Words are just words, I know, especially to you, but to me, you can bet your life that I will put my WHOLE LIFE into these words:



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