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I hope your band really takes the world by storm

I'm sorry for not taking our break up more gracefully. I'm sorry for slagging you off to your mates, sorry for turning up at your work unannounced, embarrassing you, sorry for begging you to come back to me, I was immature and didn't know how to let go of my first love. I'm sorry for telling you I loved you, even though I really meant it, I knew deep down that you didn't. It made it harder for you to leave me.

Now 6 years I can understand how you felt, how you felt I was suffocating, and how trapped you must have been to have stayed with me for a year. When we saw each other by accident 3 years ago, we was both shocked and I was in disbelief, I didn't know what to say to you, although there was so much I wanted to tell you after I'd seen you. I have seen you twice since in the street, but have been too much of a coward to approach you, even to say Hi.

I've recently got to know about what you've been up to, and I just want to say I'm really proud of you and I hope your band really takes the world by storm.

All my love x


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