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you feel that she is the soulmate

i met her on flight to frankfurt and we both started talking and realised we have a lot in common.we had only 2 days in frankfurt and she called me and joined me for drinks as her friends were out.we talked and joked about everything and finally joined her friends. After the gathering seperated she had a dvd of sex and city and i invited her to watch in my room, we saw a few episodes and discussed them very openly.then she went to her day we had lunch together and went for a walk.while crossing the roads i held her hand many times and she did not mind. on the way back i asked if she would like to buy drinks and go to river side or to my room.she said to your room.again we drank and talked and listened to music.i asked her for advice on how to hook some fictitious girl and how do i know the moment is right .she told me you must first try to hold hands and slowly try to feel her hair and if she does not mind then you must make your move.well i tried and felt her hair and she did not mind and i had already held her hand while crossing roads so i tried to make my move ,she moved my hand away but did not say anything.she kept playing songs and saying that it was the last song.but she must have played at least 5 songs ,i asked her to dance and she did ,again tried to get close but she gently kept me i did not try to push it.finally she got up to go and i escorted her to her room again i tried to get close she did not say anything but kept me i went back to my room.from next day she started avoiding me and would not pick up the phone, also when i knocked on her door she would not open and did not talk to me.i told her i wanted to talk and wanted to discuss last night she said there is nothing to talk about.i felt so miserable and my heart felt like it was getting crushed.i could never in my wildest dream think of hurting her,i would rather kill myself.but somehow i ended up hurting her .now she has gone away and the only thing she said was that she did not expect this kind of behaviour and that she thought me to be just a friend and i betrayed her.i felt like shit and still do and till today i ask for her forgiveness when i lay down in bed.she works in a place which i know and iam tempted to go there and apologise but i feel she will not talk and avoid me like she did earlier.i cant take her out of my mind and each day and night i think of her and say sorry.i want to get back and be friends with her and hang out together just like earlier without me trying to get too friendly.i want her as my friend and i am dying inside each day without her.sometimes you know people for years and are not so close and sometimes you meet someone for two days and you feel that she is the soulmate you are looking for. i am verrrrrrry sorrrrry please forgive me.


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