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I am ready and willing to love you with every ounce in my body.

We went through so much in our 9 months together, a lot of smiles, cries, worriness and more. We been through it all baby, I can call you this because you will always be my baby, my woman, my destiny. You are everything I every wanted and need you where my life, my pride and joy. Its funny I can say that when we only been together for a short period of time, less than a year but yet we have been through so much. I know I've caused you many nights of pain and stress I don't even know how to began or apologize for all the hurt I have caused in your life. I never wanted to add onto your problems, I only wanted to be the solutions to your problems, be what you wanted and needed to get through life. I know my actions did not show that but they the reason i acted the way I did was because I could not handle not being what you needed.I let go a wonder gift you where bring to my life because I was afraid to set up and start a family with you. I know if I wasnt ready to be there then I couldn't have stayed for so long, but I just did not want to give you up, a precious woman because I did want to have a baby.I know i put you through a lot but you put me through a lot to and you have made me grow and see the potential in me. I am much strong than I think and its because of you I know that, you are so much more than you think also. You are so talented and bright you just limit yourself because you are tired of being hurt and failed in life. I want to be the one to let you know that you are a flower waiting to be bloomed and when you do you will be the brightes and most precious sight to see. Baby you are my heart and soul the beat of my drum and without you im lost, silent unfamilar with my surroundings. I want you to know that I am so sorry for hurting you if you give me the chance I will show the way you should and need to be treated, I will show you how sorry and graceful I am to have you in my life. I will show you I am ready and willing to love you with every ounce in my body.


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