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my heart is like a puzzle

i remember the first time i saw ur face n ur smile i was like wow, n da first time we kissed and the first time we spent the night 2g4 i treasure evry memory i have of us babe, im here to love you and make all the bad things go away n stop them from happening,ur my world and you didnt deserve wat i did to you thats why i wanna show you how sorry i am and show you how much i want your forgiveness!! i hate myself for what i did!! you make me feel like im the best and only girl on the planet, ur my shinig star hun u always brighten my days up with your love smiles and laughter, ur the only boy hu i have met that has wanted me so much and ur the only boy that has cared 4 me as much, i dont want all that to go baby i want it 4eva jus lyk i want you 4eva!! i just wanna say i love you and im so sorry xxxxxxxx my heart is like a puzzle,iv had one piece missing most of mylife and your that last final piece iv been lookin 4 my whole life u complete me and my heart, were meant to be and its not everyday you find a love like this


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