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i told him last night and he went mad

i have been with my boyfriend for 1 year and a half but we broke up about 1 month ago and it was hard as he broke up with me,anyway i started trying to move on and he would ring me twice or more a day saying he missd me but i wanted to make him see he cant just pick me up and put me down when he feels like it. so one night after we wer brokn up about 2 weeks i snoged a fella i had met a feww weeks before i thought of it as a bit of fun i askd that fella not to tell anyone as i didnt want it getting back to my ex boyfriend so anyways sunday night gone by my boyfriend asked me to get back with him and i said yes as i still love him more than anyting, but he didnt no about the fella i snoged during when we broke up. so the next day i cudnt live with what i had done i felt guilty and cruel even though my friends said not to tell him as i wasnt with him i still couldnt bare for him to find out off someone else so...i told him last night and he went mad he was so upset and i felt so mean and sad he said we cant be togeter anymore i tried telling him it didnt mean anything and that i loved him but he wouldnt listen but i think i deserve another chance i didnt cheat on him i never would it was just a kiss a stupid kiss


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