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your beautiful face rests in my heart.

This is the apology I was never allowed to give...
I wish I could have given this in person. Yet you know where to contact me, if you so choose to hear it for yourself.

The past few months I've done a lot of hard thinking about what happened last year. I want you to know that everything that I'm about to say is coming from the bottom of my heart. I know that it will be very difficult for you to accept my apology, and it may be difficult to believe, but I want you to think about the friendship we once had. I want you to feel the peacefulness I feel when I think of you. I want you to know the pain I feel is true, and not just a plea. This apology is for you, not for me.

My Dearest girl, soon you may visit this page. And No matter what was said or done. It is done. We cannot change the past. Yet, I wish it had been said by me...
"I am sorry for hurting you twice, the way I did."
"I'm sorry that I had not tried harder to control my anger."
"I'm sorry I ever accused you of things you did not do."
"I'm sorry I often didn't hug you, when you really needed a hug."
"I'm sorry that I ended up, making you frown around me, instead of smiling."
"I'm sorry I ever bothered you when you needed time alone."
"I am sorry for you having to walk on egg-shells around me.(I now know what that means!)"
"I'm sorry I never learned about the money, using the rent money three times, for my own selfish desires."
"I'm sorry that I ever kept anything from behind your back, without telling you."
"I'm sorry that I didn't listen to you when you tried to share with me."
"I'm sorry I forgot to cuddle."
"I'm sorry I ever told a lie. Or kept any truths from you. I can't remember all of them, but I'd like to tell you the one's I can."
"I'm sorry, for not saying "I'm sorry" sooner."
"I'm sorry for having such a wicked soul."
"I'm sorry that my love for you wasn't making us both whole"
"I'm sorry that I had stopped loving you. For even if I had thought I didn't, I must have, or I'd have shown it more."
"I'm sorry for you having to bear the burden of me. I never wanted to be a burden to anyone, and yet I was."

Stuff is just stuff
But what I had with you was gold,
Better than riches untold.
And the greed of me holding on
Forced you to need to leave.
There is no one else I would have rather
been with, but now it seems that that is my only choice.
You meant more to me, than anyone has ever meant.
And now, you must go.
And You must be free.
Free from the wicked man I am or used to be.
I do not know if I have changed.
All I know is I have learned many things,
more valuable to me than diamond rings.
Stay true to your heart, and let it lead the way,
You will know where to go, no matter what other's say.
This also includes the words I write,
This is all I have to try and make things right.
I cannot come to see you until you so allow
It is sad once good friends, almost strangers now.
Read this if you will, or don't read it at all
It matters not to me, for I hear your name when my heart does call.
And I am coming to peace, with things that aren't so peaceful
The grace of your memory, is all I carry now
And I will take it wherever I go,
and cherish it, even if I have to let YOU go.
This is not the end of the world as we know it,
Life goes on, forgiven or not
I must live, and find my own story's plot.
I wish that story had been much different.
But I cannot turn the pages back.
And now, your care and trust, is all I lack.
Continue on, my sweet, sweet, DRAGONFLY
And I hope your heart flies ever so high!
You are free, free from me.
Peace, be unto ye.
"You are so beautiful to me", even if we are apart,
your beautiful face rests in my heart.


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