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i just feel so sad i cried for ages

My story was when i met this boy on holiday and we went to this fairground place there was lots of rides and things and my friend and i was in the amusements bit and he kept looking at me i looked back at him i really liked him when i first saw him he was with his mate and they both had there tops off!!! :P lol and we went out of there and my friend and i met up with our other 2 friends that also came with us then we was in a group chattin and i saw this boy go past with his mate he had a bear in his hand which he won on the darts game thing all of the sudden he goes oi catch he threw the bear over to me and it dropped on the floor my mate picked it up and gave it to me i was touched i felt liked alot by the boy and thought as today was our last day i would go over to him to thank him and to get his number i went over to him one of my friends came over with me for support i got his number while shaking at the same time he could see i was nervous!!! we then left the place so i thought i would text him when i got home i also got credit especially to ring him i found out he lived like 55 minutes away from me on the train so a few weeks went on i was going up there to see him i met up with him a few times we went to the cinema together and he brought me a drink i also payed back the favour by gettin him on later on that day....
then i went he saw me get on the train as i said bye i texted him all the way home.... we met up about 3 times now and one time when i was waiting for him i saw him and he came over and put his arm round me i thought this was going great... it was then his birthday so as i really liked him i got him a card and some fags which he wanted from this day on i still got the card and fags its been about 3 weeks sinse his birthday now but yesterday he texted me saying he has a new girlfriend i was deeply upset and heart broken i felt used even my birthday was befor his and he didnt get me anything he just said happy birthday any way i feel so down now he has a girlfriend i had been crying ever sinse i found out i texted him sayin i feel so down and upset now it was going all so well i always got credit to speak to him but he texted me back this morning to and said look babe its not you ok, its just that with the distance im not sure if it would work properly, sorry babes x x x x thats what it said he could of given it a chance its so not fair when boys do things like that to you..... i cant believe it but all my friends have been very suportive so far but all the times i saw him i always went to him he never came down and i was planning to let him stay over one weekend but all my dreams have been crushed and it wont happen for a while i just feel so sad i cried for ages thinking about it....


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