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wat if he gets tired of all da rumors n jus break up wit me

i cheated on my boyfriend of 5 mths. when i was drunk he saw me. i felt so stupid he broke up with me but we got bak 2 gether a day later i told him dat it was a mistake n dat i won't do it agen. so he took me bak under one condition if i don't drink agen so i sed alrite i thawt i could but when they gave me da beer i couldnt resist he found out broke up with me agen den first day of skool he axd me bak out so we hooked bak's been goin good but recently wen we wuz talkin he sed he often thawt bout dat nite n sometimes thinks bout breakin up wit me but he can't. he sed he jus can't forget bout dat nite.i have quit drinking n i'm doin good it had to take two break ups to make me realize dat he really means sumn to me.n dat wen he says sumn he really means it.but he can't forgive me n he sed it's hard for him to trus me but he's trying. it's jus dat that nite keeps playing in his head over n over agen.n to make matters worse somebodys tellin him on da side dat i be drinking but dats a lie cuz i havent even touched a single beer.but i love him like hell n i don't wanna let him go but wat if he gets tired of all da rumors n jus break up wit me. i don't kno!!


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