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im sO sososo sOrry baby...nd i misS u.

i mit ds gUy on lOve day nd im wit him 4 almOst 5 mOs.wer sO hapi bUt things gO upside dOwn wen...i hev dis psyschOlogically prOb. wit myself....he olwez asks me oUt but..i dOnt want to.. its nOt dat i dOnt like him of cUrz i like him nd love him sO much...bUt i just dOnt want tO...nd i dOnt noe wats wit me?wats rong wit me?=( i rily cant xplain dis fellng...nd its killing me..!And nOw i brOke up wit him aCtually dis is my 2nd tym...nd wer bOth sOsOsO empty..fOr almOst a wik wer on thOse teary-eyed mOnster...he cOled me on d fOn crying...idOnt want to let him gO...bUt im ashamed cUz.i dOny even gve bak...nd i tink m nOt dserving wit his LOVE...nd nOw dat wer trU...i rily regret it...=( im sO sososo sOrry baby...nd i misS u....


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