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My Guy was Mean - I Want Him Back

I was dating a very cute, sweet and everything a girl would want. I was having some problems with my family because they use to have a drinking problem they kicked me out. I had no where to go, so I got a job and moved in with T (my ex and we were only dating for about 3months). I thought that everything would be okay, for about 6months it was great, but then it came. We were fighting about STUPID things that I would never imagine. Now I am without him because I didn't want my boobs to be touched at the moment. He got mad and said some really mean things. That caused us to break up, and now it's been more than two weeks and I want him back more then ever. I don't know how to put my word into how I feel about him, and I tried everything I could to get him back. It seems nothing will ever work


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