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I still feel a bit sad that I had yelled at him......

I'm a student in a primary school.... There was this time I was having this discussion with a bunch of my classmates in the library, and we had to submit the end product by the next day. Everyone was being super uncooperative so I got pissed off and shouted at them. Then this guy (X) came over and basically hung around watching our discussion and adding some lame comments now and then. He kept looking at me after each comment, but I was too angry at my group to care. So I told him off and yelled at him "Can you STOP making a nuisance of yourself?"

Our stares locked for, I don't know how long, but I remember clearly his mixture of shock, anger and sadness. I broke the lock and he silently turned away.

After the discussion I saw him sitting alone in the canteen. I had to work up a lot of courage to apologise to him...... He never did seem to hear me, but he slid away on the bench after I finished talking. I still feel a bit sad that I had yelled at him......


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