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I don't know of anyone, nor heard of anyone that could compare to this great man I have only met twice

I am not one to fall in love at first sight. Not one to be impressed by material things. Not one to take any man seriously, not because I'm all that, but just because I haven't found someone special enough to let me take the chance of maybe possibly getting hurt. I met this guy from an internet site,having no real idea about him. It turns out this man is very special.

So, this man turns out to have some very good qualities. The way we first met and better yet, the second time we met was nothing short of "wonderful." I guess because this man seemed too good to be true, I couldn't believe I encountered him. I became insecure thinking that all his material things were things that I didn't have,and I guess I started to think I had to try to keep up with him, so,therefore, it made me feel really inferior and I ended up unintentionally trying to ruin something before it got started.

All I know is I regret my reaction to something so stupid and I didn't stop to listen to the other things he was saying to me. I know he likes me and he knows I like him.
I've already swallowed my pride this morning by trying to get him to talk to me. I don't chase anyone and I am happy by myself, but I have this weird feeling that I scared the best thing that has ever crossed my path away. I'm not in love with this great guy, but I know that I wouldn't be that scared and I would welcome it if it did infact ever happen. This also includes possibly taking the chance of getting hurt, which to me is heart drenching and I have only let that happen once. Maybe I am thinking too much of this whole thing, but it's just when I'm with him, nothing else seems important and it's very hard to find that.

He won't talk to me now, but all I know is I'm at my house
with tears and regret. I also know that this guy is special, because I have not cried over any man for a very long time.

So, I hope he reads this and gives it just one more try.
Because if he did, he would see that I have alot of good qualities and I am a huge sweetheart. And that he also realizes that when I told him I gave that other guy my number that I was lying. Infact, I gave the guy a fake number so I wasn't totally rude and then when the guy walked off, and that I mentioned to my friend that the guy I just met was someone pretty special. I am so embarrassed that I even told him. It was extremely immature and I like I said, I am embarrassed.

In all actuality, I don't know of anyone, nor heard of anyone that could compare to this great man I have only met twice. But for only meeting someone twice and knowing what kind of guy he is......that's something worth letting down your guards and hopes he accepts my apology and gives it just one last try.


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