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He and I are going to be married, and I am scared of losing him.

Scared of Losing Him!
I love him. I really really Love him!!!!! He and I are going to be married, and I am scared of losing him.
We started out as flirty friends. We connected from the very first moments our eyes met. Call it Karma, call it meant to be, but there was always this special feeling between us.
but i am a ball of emotions. I want constant attention. Not that he doesnt give me any. Its just that he is one of those guys who is friends with everybody. A good son. Religious. Naughty. I mean, he is perfect. And I feel as if I am part of his life, not his life.
I constantly pull up a fight in order to get attention. everytime he says that his feelings for me are strong and close to his heart. Thats where is should belong right?!?!
I always feel as if Im not getting enough of him. But by pulling up a fight, am I risking the fact that I could lose him all together.
I guess I would like him to know how I feel. I know he gets really hurt every time I fight. I want him to know that I fight because I want so much more of him that is humanely possible.
Oh dear god, I love him so much.
Im sorry for hurting your feelings today. I didnt mean to accuse you as i did. You dont deserve it. You are such a wonderful boyfriend. When You told me that you are never gonna give up, that you are still gonna marry me.........I wished I could have fallen on my knees.
I love you, Bungi!


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