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I felt abandoned and felt like I wasn't good enough

I'm a single mom, work full time making pennies and still live with my parents. This man found me, 13 years older than I, and I fell deeply in love with him. Because he was older, I felt more secure and settled. He has 4 kids and recently divorced. We moved pretty quick into the relationship but something about each of us drew us closer. I was pretty confident and comfortable meeting his kids. It came to a shock that they wold move here so quickly. I dealt with it. After Christmas things just became rough. I started to become jealous, angry all the time, and the smallest things would just eat at me. It became so bad that we would fight or argue on a daily basis. The kids were no longer liking me. I eventually moved out. I miss him so bad, I miss what we had once shared and I don't know how to change my attitude towards the relationship. We are recently back to talking and hanging out (I guess you could call it dating). Things are much different. He was seeing someone else, that was painful...I didn't leave the relationship and jump into another one so quickly. Very painful, I felt abandoned and felt like I wasn't good enough. I felt like I needed to fight for him I did. He's not with her anymore although we are taking it slow...I guess the moral of this story is: When do you stop feeling the jealous moments and not care that he has friends that are girls? He talks to them more than me, I feel so lonely.
One day I hope that this feeling could go away or change. Whether he's the right one or the wrong's me that needs to get a grip and learn to deal with personal and emotional things before being involved in another relationship.


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