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Im sorry for faling in love with a girl....

sorry for falling in love with a girl
Im a girl n decided to go out with this other girl. At first it was like going out with a guy. We would talk on the phone for hours. We would even fall asleep together on the phone. It was everything i wanted in a realationship. After 4 months, i went out on her with this guy. She forgived me and said, "she really loved me". After that everything was a fight after a fight. She was two hours away from me so we didnt really see each other that often. So, after 9 months being together i can say i love her, that i cant get her off my mind n that i cant believe that after all we went through she just wants to let it go. She just want to stop talking and forget what we had. And know i hear shes asking her x-girlfriend to get back with her. After this i promised my self never to go out with a girl again. Im sorry for faling in love with a girl....


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