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i know u wish u could still talk to me and let us be friends

im writing a sorry letter to my self from my ex boyfriend because i know i deserve an apology from him and it will be quick and simple so i wont have to think about it.
---Im sorry i let you fall in love with me and didnt tell you i didnt love you back but i let you fall deeper and deeper without me having feelings for you and i didnt let you know
---Im sorry i told you i loved you when i didnt. im so sorry for dragging you along making you think i liked you a little bit at a time
--- im sorry i went out with her and failed to see it was hurting you
---after she broke up with me im sorry i still went along with your love and continued to show some signs of interest
---im sorry i kept you in this trap for months of you chasing me and i didnt tell you not to.
---im sorry that on the last day of school i finally asked you out im sorry for not doing it sorry for making you wait 6 -7 months for me to come around and ask you out
---im also sorry b/c durring those 6-7 months i acted like i was gfoing to ask you out much sooner when really i had no intention of doing so i played you along and broke your heart almost every week and i lied when u cared about me
---im mostly sorry for breaking up with u a week after school ended and i didnt give you a reason
---im sorry for making you go through that heart break over and over durring the two weeks after we broke up
---then you tried moving on with your life for more than a month u didnt talk to me and blocked me on aim then you came back and didnt talk to me for three days i deserved it
---then i wanted you back
---i filled you with false hope and made you forget how much i had put you through already
---im sorry b/c after two days of wanting you back and letting you know i said i was going to ask you out
---im sorry b/c i changed my mind again and decided not to ask you out
---im sorry b/c im making you go through all this heartbreak all over again when u had almost gotten over me..
im sorry for everything i did to you
i know u wish u could still talk to me and let us be friends
but idk if i even want that


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