Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
will i ever see you again or talk to you?

My "I'm sorry"
I am sorry i know i shouldnt be, i didnt do anything really, i gave you all i could
i tried to make you happy i wanted to please you
i let you have control
i made all the wrong mistakes in my settle little way and i didnt even see i was driving you away
then you left without a reason why
and i didnt understand, i only wished i'd die
but now i finally get it
my love for you cant win you over
i havent even talked to you
i say "oh im just getting over him" but really im afraid..
i dont want to admit it im afraid i'll let him hurt me agian
because if i love you im bound to mess up, a million times i was patient with you for so long and i want youre patience but now youre gone
and im hiding away because i cant face you
all i really want is to be friends i think i still love you
but im sorry i screwed things up b/c when i wanted us to be
i couldnt see you wanted the same
you wanted all the dreams i wanted to come true
but it would never happen b/c i couldnt do things right
its not my fault its not me
its you its you its you
why'd u do this to me?
i should hate you
i cant though
i cant expect you to change until i change.
now i know better, will i ever see you again or talk to you?
please wonder about me,, please think about calling before you go to her please dont let me let you go
- to a boy who knew as little as me


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