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pain comes and goes but love doesnt

yea i have an apology..
i felt in love with this girl, she sed she loved me 2. i was young so i didnt know anything about love. everyday i would call her nd tell her these same words "i love u". she would say it back, i meant my love to her, all she did was play a joke on me so later she can have a laugh with her friends. it made me feel very sad when one day at the beacj she texted me nd told me. i tryed to act like she broke up with me bcuz of sumthing else. cuz if i told my older bro that it was all a joke it would have been embarrasin. so my apology is to me..i feel so stupid nd now i dont think i could love any1. she made my confidence in going out drop to below 0....i hate her now..i couldnt hate any1 any more then the amount that i hate her.
severl months pass by, nd her best friend who is my friend put us 2gether in a chatroom online. so we talk nd i find out that after all those months, she liked me alot. i didnt know wat to do.. she said she missed me. i dont know if i felt the same after 5 month later. i moved on with my life. nd i dont think its fair for me to be heart broken again.. pain comes and goes but love doesnt


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