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Everyday was a beautiful day until i hurt you.

There was a day when i met you. You were happy as i was with you. Everyday was a beautiful day until i hurt you. Every day passes by and i wish i didnt hurt you. It all begin when i caught your ex-boyfriend hiding in your closet. That day my brain shut off and i told on you to the millitary. I was young and i was selfish. Without thinking i thought you cheated on me with him. But i was wrong, You missed him as he missed you, so i should have think before i got all upset with you. Every single day I think of you, every single day i weap for you. i still Love you as i did before. I lied that I didnt feal the spark when i used to come see you. There was the spark in my heart that i drove miles away to come see you. Deep inside I loved you as i Love you know. i will try to do things right if you just give me a last chance. I am changed, and only because of you. I am a better person because of you. I know i do little stupid things to make you mad, but i didnt mean to hurt you or make you feel bad, its just i was selfish and wanted to get your attention. I miss you So much. Please just gemmi one chance to show you how much i love you and care about you.


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