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I guess that means I'll be loving everything about you... forever...until death do us part

I guess our situation really gives the definition of "You never know what you've got till it's gone." I took all the times of laughter, tears and anger for granted. Nothing was ever good enough for me. You were never just a lover, but a best friend. You were my bandage for all hurt, but it never seemed to bother you much because I could tell by the look in your eye that it was all made up for with a moment of happiness just to spend 5 minutes with me when I could smile and tell you how good I felt about myself, you, or even us. Every day was a blessing. To be able to share a moment in life with you beside me, to take in the breath of just being alive around you was more than a pleasure to me. I hurt you badly. If instead I would have put you before my selfishness maybe your hurt could have been prevented but stupidity got the best of me. There was a time in my life when you had a faith and trust within me but now I strive to gain that faith and trust from you again. I know what I did was wrong and to ask you back would be humiliating for you to some extent but if now I could have you my days would be spent on devoting myself to our love and doing what is right for us. I want to devote and offer to you what we once had amongst ourselves. I want you to be aware that my love for you is still as strong and powerful as it once was some time ago. Just know that whatever comes of us I will always be loving you forever in every way that makes me burst out with happiness inside... I guess that means I'll be loving everything about you... forever...until death do us part.


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