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swallow your pride because if you dont, you wont have them anymore

hello to everyone reading this story. i just recently seperated with my fiance. we spent the last 3 years together and had a child. for the better part of that time we had a pretty rough relationship, mainly because of me. i was controlling, verbally abusive and at times physical but without actually hitting. sometimes, rarely, but still too often i would grab her and push her on the couch or something.she gave me many oppurtunities to change and make the relationship work. i pissed them all away and woke up one day and realized what i had done. you see the thing is sometimes you get so comfortable in a relationship that you start to take things for granted. you think that they will always be there. well, they wont. everybody has a point that they get to that says no more. once they get to that point its just to late. fortunately we get along well enough to not go to court for custody of our child and work that out ourselves. my advice to anyone reading this is to start listening to your partner. dont neglect what you need but pay more attention to what they need. talk things out and if you cant get help. whether it be you pastor, therapy, anger management or whatever, do it. you see with me i didnts start doing any of that stuff until she was gone and now it is probably too late. start thinking about what got the 2 of you together and start doing those things again. ive always saidthatcouples would only treat one another the way they did at the begining, you know, trying to impress them, being on your best behavior, opening doors, saying thank-you, holding their hand, buying them a single flower, maiking them laugh, and just treating them with the respect they deserve there would be no such thing as break-ups or divorce. it would literally be till death do us part. i know its not that easy but i would give anything to have that chance again and trust me if you dont youll be writing one of these too. relationships are a lot of work. you better be ready to give it your all or you just might wake up alone one day too. swallow your pride because if you dont, you wont have them anymore and then what do you have to be proud of? now youre alone and depressed. wheres the pride in that?


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