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today i will try to get her back

i loved this girl...well i still love her and i broke up with her. all i try to say was that i was confuse and that i needed to think things out she asked me if i was happy i said i dont know. she looked at me with dispalieve. she kissed me saying i don't have to stay just because she is pregnant. she left all i did was stay there with my heart broken she turn to look at me with her sad eyes and i could see tears falling down her cheicks. as soon as i got home i cryed i did something i have not done in 9 years is cry my self to sleep from 8pm to 3am noting but cryin and i am writhing this not to say sorry wich i am, but to say i still love her. and today i will try to get her back. i would rader starve and die then not to feal her touch or her love and if she dose not want me back i under stand i woudent take me back ether but all i can do is try. to every body that loves some one and has some one you dont know how lucky you are.


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