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the wound has nearly healed now.

I cannot even believe Im writing this. Its been over a year now and memories of you still circulate my mind!whats going on...I thought getting over you would be swift, how wrong was I. I dont think i'll ever really know if you felt for me what i did for you, i dont know if what you said to me were lies, i dont know if you'll ever read this, but if you do I know you'll have your suspicions. I dont know if I should be saying sorry..but if you felt pain even remotely to the point I did you deserve an apology...Im sorry for lying just because i was worried you didnt really like me much, im sorry for ending it just because i thought you were going to do the same, im sorry i got a new boyfriend just to make you jealous, im sorry for both of us losing such a fun friendship, im sorry i started falling in love with you at the wrong time, im so sorry that we got the timing so incredibly wrong. i was so friggin in love with you i didnt know what i was doing...this last year when youv been absent has left me feeling empty...whats with that?what a mess eh..i'll never know what you think of me and if you really did love me, and im trying like hell to get over you...its been a year, again im sorry for not being straight with you, i guess at the end of the day what will be will be.
If you have a suspicion of who this is you may be right, you were the coolest person truly sorry for all the unnecessary crap. the wound has nearly healed now.


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