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I am so sorry I couldn`t fix our problems

Babe I remember when we first started going out. And how inlove we once were. I was a fool to believe that someone would love me as much as I loved them. And then I met someone who understood me. Someone who made me see a different side to life. I met you. Then something happened to us that niether of us wished happened. We drifted apart. And I've wished for many nights that things were different. That we never had that fight. However, I am soo happy that I met you. Because now that I know that there are still good people in this world, I truely have grown from this relationship and we have our whole lives ahead of us. And I am so sorry I broke your heart and distroyed your entire world. But we both deep down knew that It had to end because of all the bull that we had to go through. I am so sorry I couldn`t fix our problems. And I want you to know that you were the greatest guy in my life. And I will always love you babe.


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