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on valentines day i found out i was pregnant with his child

me and my ex we were dating for bout a year and a month.. were only 16, i know, too young but.. i loved him, he loved me, we were unseperateable, nothing would ever have teared us apart.. until, we first did "it".. sex was his way of showing he loved me, my way was babying him.. then the more time we soent together he wanted sex.. sex got so outta hand that he didnt want to waste a minute without doing it with me.. but it was not enough, i got sick of it, no matter how bad it got, i had to live with it because i loved him and i really didnt want to lose him.. but on valentines day i found out i was pregnant with his child, i took it out on him like it was all his fault, so i tried to stay away from him so i wouldnt be able to tell him. i started hanging out with my friends (who are all guys), he got jealous, and the more time i wasted not telling him, the more he felt the way im feeling right now.. i was so frustrated with my family, friends, the baby, school, and him, i really didnt know what to do so i tried talking but it didnt do any good.. so i thought keeping the child would work, by this time he knew deep inside i was pregnant, and he moves on.. he dates another girl knowing that i was still pregnant.. so i did everything i could to lose the future for us, i was so upset i started losing control of myself, it even scared me.. i started up my x-games again, but he didnt care.. and now i still want him so bad..


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