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i'm sorry that i wasn't who i should have been

my boyfriend & i have been together for 6 months. i started this relationship on a very serious foot, & its like he changed into a totally different person for me because he really cared about me & its like i never changed into the serious mode. & from then on i just always took him for granted, he'd do things for me to show he cared & how much he loved me but its like in return i couldn't do it for him, & maybe it's because of my past relationships with other guys or just the way i am. and its like the days that are a big deal to him or that matter to him the most, i wasn't there to help him out or acknowledge him, its like that day was just another day. i want him to know how sorry i am & that i wish i could start all over again. i wish i hadn't done the things i have, i wish i could just realize that in order for our relationship to work out i had to give effort myself. i'm sorry that i wasn't who i should have been & that i was selfish & didn't tell him i cared when i actually did.


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