Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
First time l saw your face l was like, damn!

Im longing for you (T.L9)

Fisrt time l saw your face l was like, damn! Then you put ur arms around me, l was like, man!!! Then cuz ur all dat, l thought l'ld play it smart, read every book there is about love relations, over-analysing every one of your moves and actions and in the end got me over-anxiousing as well... also driving the final nail into the coffin. You even thout l must've been crazy or something. I know coz you told me so.
I felt stupid, l still do

Forgive me for those things l did, forgive me for those things l never said to you, forgive me for not knowing thr right words to say, to prove.....But lm not sorry for my love, and l would do it again if you give me another chance...


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