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Come home my love to me and your family

I've been married for almost 17 years and two weeks ago my husband left. Just like that. No warning, no goodbye. We have both done wrong but we are still in love. He told me I was holding too tight, but I felt him slipping away. I felt the space between us growing. And now it is so wide, I don't know if we can ever come together again. We have talked this last week and told each other sorry over and over. But we are both afraid to give it one last chance because this time the wound is too deep. But I do know love conquers all and my love, if you read this. Please know that I am sorry for holding on so tight. Forever is not here and my love for you is eternal and unconditional. Come home my love to me and your family. We can make this work with faith. And since we have been apart, we have had a chance to think and look back and look into the future. I see my future with you. I am sorry.
My prayer is to see a follow up in the love stories section and not the ex section in the next few weeks.
Until then my sorrow deepens and nights get longer.


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