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if you love them let em know

I messed up so horrible bad! i had a girlfriend of 4 years, and she was 6 months pregnant with my child, i got scared and didn't think i could be with one person my whole life, so i messed around with an ex girlfriend.....i couldn't hold it in, i felt too i told her everything, now it's been four months and i havn't seen her since, i made the biggest mistake of my life..i love her so much and my child..i didnt even get to see my child born because i messed i know you read these and i just want to say...i love you, i honestly do, i know i hurt you, it was the biggest mistake of all, i screwed up so bad..and in the end i screwed up three peoples lifes mine my daughters and my girlfriends....from the bottom of my heart....have the best life you can live, take no one for granted...if you love them let em know..


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